Presenting Carsten von Würden at Boulevard156

Jeg står i Mælkevejen til knæene (I stand in the Milky Way to my knees), 300 x 200 cm

Carsten von Würden moves with ease in all directions in the Universe. From creation to reincarnation he travels through time and space with a strong inspiration from spiritual experiences in India, where he has a residence and a studio.


A Personal Journey

In his own words Carsten describes both his artwork and artistic process in the following way: “Gigantic, cosmic breaths, where shapes gather and disperse in an endless flow of creation. Layer after layer in organic abstraction; a discovery of colors in their sounds, collisions and melodies - a song about the silence as well as the ferocity in creation."


Future artists in Boulevard156

Later in 2017 we will present Nour Fog and in 2018 followed by Flemming Rolighed, Kristian Devantier and Charles Bhebe (Zimbabwe).